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Fishing the Hawkesbury River, Broken Bay, Pittwater & Brisbane Waters NSW

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Jewfish Charters – Kingfish Charters – Bream – Flathead – Squid – Crabs and more …

Our fishing charters can be catered to suit you and your group. Great for those wanting to learn more about fishing, how to target a particular species of fish, beginners and experienced fishermen alike or for family holidays, kids birthday parties or as a staff team building exercise. The day is yours to enjoy.

Fishing the famous Hawkesbury River

Jewfish Hawkesbury Fishing Charters

The Hawkesbury River is well known for it’s fishing thanks to the mighty Jewfish which is a highly sort after catch for any local fisherman. Jewfish can grow in excess of 6okg with a 30kg Jewie or Mulloway as they are also known being a more likely catch. We fish the lower Hawkesbury River where as well as the Jewfish other fish can also be targeted such as; Kingfish, Australian Salmon, Bream, Flathead, Luderick, Hairtail, crabs and squid. Pesky Hammer Head Sharks, Stingrays and Wobegon sometimes also join the mix, we have also reeled in tropical breeds of fish not commonly found in surrounding waters such as Cobia and Amberjack so its an opportunist type of fishing ground, with so many exciting fish on the menu.

Fishing Broken Bay

The mouth of the Hawkesbury river opens up into Broken Bay which harbors Lion Island and offers great reef fishing spots for Bream and ocean pelagic fish such as schools of Salmon, Tailor and Bonito or Frigate Mackerel. It’s great fun spotting a school of fish bubbling on the surface and hooking up to them on a light fishing rod. Pelagic meaning seasonal with schools of Salmon being more common in the colder months and Frigate Makeral, Tailor and Bonito passing through during the warming months.

Fishing Pittwater – Northern Sydney

Pittwater also adjoins the eastern mouth of the Hawkesbury River which harbors schools of Kingfish and big squid. Kingfish are another well known sporting fish. Kingfish need to be over 65cm in length before being kept, they put up a great fight due to their size and sheer strength plus they are a quality eating fish just like the Jewfish. The squid not only make perfect bait but also taste great as calamari.

Fishing Brisbane Waters – Central Coast

Brisbane Waters is a large estuary with active oyster leases which attract big bream and whiting and nice sand banks perfect for catching huge flathead. In winter luderick commonly known as blackfish are plentiful and with no fishing trawlers or crab pots / traps allowed in Brisbane Waters it’s a healthy and active fishing ground.