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Hi Ron,

Thanks for a brilliant day of fishing today. Mike and I really had a good time.

As we told you , we are pretty new to fishing, and we really benefitted from your experience, wisdom and patience. We learned about 4 types of fishing (squidding, Kingfishing, Black fishing and Soft plastics) that we really didn’t have a clue about when we started. The bait fishing near Lion Island was absolutely tremendous. This day will live on in our personal highlight reels for years.

Hope to see you again in future


Neale and Mike

Dear Ron,

I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful service last Easter Monday.
Our guests from the US had a wonderful time on the boat from Cottage Point and you played a major part in making it happen – so thank you.

Warm regards, Robi

Hey Ron,
Just wanted to thank you for a great day – the kingfish were a lot of fun,
even the “babies”! The one we kept tasted beautiful on the bbq that night.



Thanks for a great day on the water. Steve and I enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. The Jew was a great bonus to a very educational day out. We were both stuffed by the time we got home so I have no idea how you manage to do what you do day after day. Probably need the entire winter to recover.

Look forward to doing it again one day.

Kind regards

Les and Stephen

Dear Ron,

Thank you for contacting me.

My first experience of catching a big fish is because of your great guide and i learnt a lot from you.

I look forward to see you again soon.

Thank you kindly.


Hi Ron,
Thanks for a great day of fishing on Saturday. We all had a great time. Thanks for the chasing around and the effort you put in. We learn something new each time we go out with you. Michael loved the salmon fishing, and ranks it up there with the kingfishing we did last time. Thanks , and we’ll see you again.

Everyone was excited about the trip afterwards and my boss Nerida told me Ron was a legend (her words exactly!).
If we ever need something similar, I will be giving Ron a call!

Warm wishes, Robi

Hi Ron,

I want to thank you for the great day you provided us with yesterday afternoon. Your commitment to what you do is obvious and much appreciated. You try very hard (and succeed) to ensure everyone is looked after and has a good experience. I was the (old) bloke that caught (or at least had the honour of hauling up) the big fathead, and would appreciate a copy of the photo you took. It much impressed all at my household when they saw it this morning.

It was a great day, and we look forward to doing it again soon.

With thanks and best wishes,


hi ron,

really enjoyed the day, it was a blitz, never experienced anything like it.

I consider myself lucky but had your great knowledge and know how I probably would not got the result I did.

King Fish I now know why they call it the King Fish, he certainly has the strength of several.

cheers amanda

Hi Ron, how have you been?
The boy’s and I had a great day last month and would like to thank you for a day we’re still talking about.
They are all keen for a second trip and have been on my back about arranging another day out on your boat. Could you  please advise dates you have available for November.
Thanks for last Sunday – catching that big jewy was a real buzz – even though I was just a spectator – Nicky is still recovering. Don’t know if you want to use these photos on your website – free to use them if you want – much appreciated Duncan
Thanks Katrina, that’s great everyone had a blast especially when the big jewy landed on the deck, regards Duncan

Hi Ron

Just sending a picture of yesteradys muddy.
Great day, see you again later


Gidday Ron

How’s fishing ? I thought I would send the pic’s of the big flathead to put on your updated site.

Lookin good too  must be room for and old Kiwi blokes fish there somewhere.

Anyway I’ve sent 3 pic’s u choose the one you like.

Next time I’m over I must pop up to catch one of those big Dew Fish I keep getting told about .

Cheers   Poppy


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